Pharmacist - PRN

The Staff Pharmacist will work under the direction of the Director of Pharmacy to provide clinical and distributive pharmacy services in our clinical pharmacy practice program.
Provide pharmaceutical care services to our acute and ambulatory care patients, including interdisciplinary Patient Centered Rounding, drug therapy review, therapeutic drug monitoring, pharmacokinetic dosing, anticoagulant dosing and monitoring, therapeutic interchanges, renal dosing, IV to oral medication changes, core measure interventions, medical emergency response, nutritional support provision, antibiotic streamlining, and bedside counseling and patient teaching.
Evaluate drug efficacy, document drug use patterns, monitor therapeutic goals and outcomes, review for contraindications/precautions, drug €“drug, drug-food, drug-laboratory, and drug-disease state potentials as well as provide verbal and written consultations concerning drug therapy as requested.
Evaluate appropriate laboratory tests necessary to monitor and support the patient's drug therapy as well as document recommendations, interventions, and services rendered as appropriate.
Report, record, assess, and evaluate adverse drug reactions.
Provide accurate, timely, and cost-effective drug information to medical, pharmacy, nursing, and other healthcare professionals.
Oversee and direct Pharmacy technicians and ensure timely and accurate dispensing and delivery of medications.
Oversee the automated dispensing system for drug distribution.
Maintain sterile product preparation competency using aseptic technique.
Maintain required state and federal records on prescription medications and controlled substances.
Develops and maintains communication and social skills and safeguards the confidentiality of all patients at all times.
Utilize the full electronic medical record with CPOE and bar-coded medication administration, entering pharmacy information, and verifying Physician entered orders.
Maintains professional growth and development through seminars, workshops and professional affiliations to keep abreast of latest trends in fields of expertise. Complies with State continuing education requirements.
Education: Bachelor's of Science Degree (BS) or Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree in Pharmacy.
License/Certification:Current Pharmacist License in the State of Wisconsin or ability to obtain by date of hire
Experience: Previous hospital pharmacy experience of at least one year is preferred.
Must be able to work independently with minimal direct supervision, to set priorities, make critical decisions, respond quickly to emergency requests, handle frequent interruptions, and adapt to changes in workload
Knowledge of healthcare delivery systems and its impact on clinical practice.
Knowledge of the interface effects with other healthcare disciplines and systems.
Relates to patients, physicians and peers to develop and maintain effective work/patient relationships.
Applies critical thinking, analytical and participative behavior to solving techniques and decision making.
Analytical, creative, adaptive, perceptive, persuasive, methodical, orderly, thorough and enterprising.
Demonstrates responsibility and accountability according to legal, ethical, professional, educational, and personal development goals.
Makes oral presentations including speaking to sizable groups.
Effective communication and interpersonal skills and behaviors.
Follow procedures related to position accountabilities.
Knowledge of safety and infection control hospital procedures.
Learns and applies analytical and participative problem solving techniques.
Relates to specific facts/situations to guiding concepts/principles/policies and draws logical and consistent conclusions.
Basic Medical terminology understanding.
Data entry skills.
Software skills - word processing and spreadsheet skills.

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