CNC Second Shift - Supervisor/Lead Man

Lead man/supervisor, CNC Machining Dept, will efficiently set-up new jobs to produce precision machined parts on CNC machines, primarily on Mazak turning centers throughout the plant. This position will adhere to strict machining standards and follow all company quality and safety standards. This position will have the expertise to work efficiently and independently. This position will provide all initial set-up operations required to run production.
Key responsibilities include the following:
Demonstrate a strong understanding of CNC machining processes, will offer value added input in first run production processes to increase output efficiencies when needed, and reach production rate outputs.
Be competent in reading and understanding part blueprints and technical documents, such as quality control plans, specifications and tolerances and first piece inspection reports
Will maintain specifications by demonstrating a solid ability to read and understand all common gauges and measurement tools used in the industry, and perform with high confidence (In Process Inspection) reports
Must demonstrate knowledge of machine and tool offset usage, understand tool setting registers, offset and tool wear screens.
Must be able to set-up required cutting tools correctly into machine and establish tool offsets
Must be able to prepare machine chuck correctly to include proper boring of jaws
Will be capable of loading part programs into machines
Must effectively be able to dry-run or safety run part programs to verify that locations and tool touch-offs are entered correctly
Must possess and demonstrate excellent shop math skills
Will be responsible for initial 1st pc inspection
Will demonstrate exceptional troubleshooting skills and perform corrective measures to prevent tooling and/or machine malfunctions
Will understand and practice company safety and quality requirements at all times.
Will be capable of machine start-up and shut down procedures, warm up cycles, homing sequence and daily maintenance required to keep equipment in good condition
Demonstrate the correct loading and unloading techniques used for the various parts produced in CNC machines.
Must be capable of teaching other operators correct operation processes before signing the traveler.
Perform all secondary operations, part deburring, part handling methods to prevent damage of finished goods
Will maintain continuity among work shifts by documenting and communicating all actions, irregularities and continuing needs during the machining process
Will practice good housekeeping practices to keep work areas safe and organized
To be considered for this position an applicant must meet these minimal requirements:
High school diploma or equivalent
Must have at least 5 years verifiable experience running CNC machines
Must be serious about his/her future and be willing to work 1st, 2nd or 3rd shifts as needed
Must pass a general pre-hire shop math test
Must be able to lift 50-70 pounds
Must have genuine desire to be the BEST and demonstrate an outstanding work ethic
Must take pride in your work, in your work environment and work well as a team player

Don't Be Fooled

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