Cast Operator-1st & 3rd Shift

Company Name:
Spuncast, Inc., a leading manufacturer of centrifugal castings, is currently seeking Cast Operators on 1st and 3rd Shifts in Watertown, Wisconsin.
Summary of Job Description:
Entry-level position operating casting machines and providing quality product.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1.Spray up dies and covers to ensure proper coating.
2.Work with Cast Machine Operator B/A to control the die speed observe and learn proper speed for metal pours.
3.Install dies including inspection of temperature and cleanliness.
4.Install, align and maintain funnel.
5.Mix and maintain proper baume levels of all washes used in operation.
6.Add exothermic or endothermic in required amounts as directed.
7.Monitor and adjust process controls to ensure compliance with job card and quality specifications.
8.Responsible for housekeeping of work area and maintaining equipment.
9.Assist in maintenance of dust removal equipment and other equipment and tools.
Qualifications and Experience:
High School Diploma or Equivalent
Some manufacturing experience is desirable
Ability to use foundry operation manual and follow work instructions
Solid math skills

Don't Be Fooled

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